It is BOPP based flexible packaging film ideal for packaging live products (fruits and vegetables) which supposed to be live during complete supply chain

These live products requiring significant gaseous exchange by the process of respiration in association with temperature. Under ideal gas mixture condition (O2 and CO2) in a given environmental condition, the aerobic metabolic rate slows down to minimum without getting into anaerobic decay. Under these conditions shelf life of the product extends longer time without much loss of stored energy.

It is also called passive Modified Atmosphere / Interactive Packaging technology. It is single most efficient solution with or without temperature management provides effective shelf life extension under our conditions.

The salient features are,

  • Made out of certified food grade, virgin BOPP polymer sheets

  • Scientifically perforated (invisible) using ultra-modern laser perforation machines to provide desired gaseous exchange for shelf life extension

  • Anti-fog treatment ensures clear visibility of products packed without cloud of moisture

  • BOPP polymer is closest towards environment friendly among all members in its group

  • Available in side sealed / centre sealed pouches of various sizes (up to 400 mm) for manual packing and sheet form in reels for machine packing

  • Recommended for retail consumer packing

  • Customer desired multi colour printing option also available (both flexo and cyclo gravure)

  • Available in 25 and 35 micron thickness levels

  • Side and bottom gusseted pouch formats will be introduced shortly.

Care while packaging for live products

  • The live products subjected for packing should be in wet condition during packing.

  • Packed products should not be exposed to direct sun light or places near to higher temperature which accelerates plant respiration suddenly

  • The products should be filled loose without any bunching which allows uniform air circulations.

  • The poly bags should be sealed fully leaving possible head space.

  • Pre-cooling before packaging is single most effective solution in shelf life extension along with storage and packaging solutions.

All our products are packing material with technical intervention, and it is not ultimate solution of extending shelf life. The performance varies depending on various other conditions. It does not carry warranty for carrying field infestation in packaging and damage of goods.